I always do my best to create only professional websites that bring satisfaction to businesses and individuals. My ability to work diligently and in connection with my customers provides stability and positive outcomes. Besides, I’m a team player. 

Here are just a few examples of my work.

bible blur christ christianity

Church Websites

I have helped with and created few websites for churches. It is a nice way to keep my priorities organized

Ivan Digital Service

Business Websites

Created two business websites with biddings for a client. One website is for general public and another one – for…

Ivan Digital Service

Beauty website

Created beauty website for my client. This is an E-Commerce website which means she can sell her stuff all over…


Photography Website

Created a photography website for a local photographer with various forms, pages and displays

Created a form

Car Submit Form

Created a Submit form for my clients website that collects all required information for a discussion with the business

renting website

Renting company website

Created a website for local renting company (2019) that allowed multiple agents post their listings directly.


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